Magdalena Hellström Zimmermann

The initial point of the artistic development for Magdalena Hellström Zimmermann is the nature, the experience of the nature, and the expressive power of the autonomous colour. She experiments with the structrures, surfaces and qualities of expression of her favorite materials wood, paper and canvas and uses unconventional print methods. She has no fear take influence in an exhibition area with installations and to go beyond the transparent borders of the architecture. She seems to otientate herself consistently to the real portraying of nature, not for the purpose of producing imitating replicas, but to empathise the tectonic and the rythm of a rock formation or landscape impression and that way constitute coordinates for her graphic and pictoral work.

"Beyond the paintings, which interprete landscape and other motives, the colours themselves have an effect, an impact to the people. Colour communicates emotions and an intensive experience of colour may cause a feeling of music." (Magdalena Hellström Zimmermann)

The musical sense of her paintings, the netttings of her lines and the radiance and sonority of her colour patches, give an experience of nature a form, that wants to liberate and visualize inner strengths and processes of the nature and its inherent energy. The paintings and installations of Magdalena Hellström Zimmermann aim to maximize the development of their forces, pusuit for autonomy, without denying their basis and the initial point which is a meticolous study of the nature. The dynamism, never static state of the nature gets concrete in this work in a sensual way, at least for the beholder, who approaches with a meditative openness.

Sepp Hiekisch-Picard (Museum Bochum)

Element earth
Mixed media on canvas